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Str Z2756 Datasheet Pdf 11

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STR-Z2756: A Universal-Input Voltage Regulator with Integrated Power MOSFET

The STR-Z2756 is a hybrid IC that combines a power MOSFET and a control IC in a single package. It is designed for use as a switching voltage regulator with universal-input AC voltage range from 85V to 265V. The STR-Z2756 can deliver up to 11W of output power with high efficiency and low standby power consumption. The STR-Z2756 features various protection functions, such as overcurrent, overvoltage, overtemperature, and soft-start. The STR-Z2756 also has a built-in oscillator and a feedback loop for easy design and stable operation.

The STR-Z2756 is suitable for various applications, such as adapters, chargers, LED drivers, and auxiliary power supplies. The STR-Z2756 is available in a 7-pin SIP package with an exposed metal heat sink. The datasheet of the STR-Z2756 can be downloaded from the following websites: [^1^] [^2^] [^3^]

The datasheet provides detailed information on the specifications, features, pin configuration, electrical characteristics, application circuit, and package dimensions of the STR-Z2756.Here is a possible continuation of the article with html formatting for the keyword "str z2756 datasheet pdf 11":

The following figure shows a typical application circuit of the STR-Z2756 as a flyback converter. The input AC voltage is rectified by the bridge diode D1 and filtered by the capacitor C1. The rectified voltage is applied to the drain of the power MOSFET Q1, which is integrated in the STR-Z2756. The control IC in the STR-Z2756 drives the gate of Q1 with a variable frequency and duty cycle to regulate the output voltage. The transformer T1 transfers the energy from the primary side to the secondary side. The secondary voltage is rectified by the diode D2 and filtered by the capacitor C2. The output voltage is fed back to the control IC through a resistive divider R1 and R2. The control IC adjusts the switching frequency and duty cycle of Q1 according to the feedback voltage and the load current. The resistor R3 and the capacitor C3 form a snubber circuit to suppress the voltage spike across Q1. The resistor R4 and the capacitor C4 provide a soft-start function to limit the inrush current at startup. The resistor R5 and the zener diode Z1 provide an overvoltage protection function to shut down Q1 when the output voltage exceeds a certain level.

Figure 1: Application circuit of STR-Z2756 [^1^]

The STR-Z2756 has several advantages over conventional discrete solutions, such as:

Reduced component count and board space

Improved efficiency and reliability

Simplified design and layout

Built-in protection functions

Universal-input AC voltage range

However, some disadvantages or limitations of using the STR-Z2756 are:

Fixed output voltage (12V)

Low output power (11W)

Limited availability and support

Possible thermal issues due to high power dissipation 9160f4acd4

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