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What’s In My Pantry A.k.a. Pantry Goals, You ^NEW^

Having a stocked pantry and an array of different spices makes it SO much easier to make delicious recipes without having to buy a bunch of different things at the store. If you are a newer cook, I highly suggest stocking up on these items!

What’s In My Pantry a.k.a. Pantry Goals, You

The eggs eventually hatch, and a wiggly, hungry cluster of larvae start burrowing around in and chowing down on your dry goods. They will later begin to spin webbing to build cocoons, then hatch into full-grown adults after some time. The adults will reproduce (females will lay up to 400 eggs at once!) and the cycle will continue. Heavy infestations of pantry moths can take many months to fully get rid of.

Indian meal moths have gray wings with patches of brown on the outer part of their wings. Larvae are white with a brown head and grow to about ʺ in length. They often leave behind webbing on pantry items and shelves. These pests eat a variety of stored goods including grains, nuts, seeds, and even chocolate.

Get everything out of your pantry and vacuum the shelves to get rid of any remaining moths, larvae, cocoons, etc. With hot, soapy water, thoroughly wash your pantry shelves with hot, soapy water, then wipe them down well with half warm water/half white vinegar to kill off any unnoticed eggs.

By adding peppermint oil to the water/vinegar mix, you can help prevent future pantry moth infestations. Peppermint oil is also excellent for killing and repelling spiders, ants, roaches, and other unwanted guests.

Use a space heater in any space you want to eliminate the eggs of Pantry moths or any other pests. Monitor the area closely to avoid a fire hazard. Pest strips and pantry moth traps also work well as a way to immobilize them and disrupt their mating/laying egg process.

Say hello to the secret weapon of our pantry. Canned coconut milk will keep for years on the shelf, is creamy and rich (and dairy-free!) and works in sweet and savory recipes alike. When buying, spring for the full-fat kind for the best texture and flavor (we like Aroy-D).

Wondering how to declutter and organize a pantry so you can quickly find what you need? Follow these steps to clean out and makeover this important space in your home. You'll find lots of ideas and tips for small kitchens too!

Pull out ALL of your pantry items and place them on a large table. Group similar items together, such as canned goods, flours, cereals, unopened condiments, etc. Include items that are normally stored on the counter or tucked away in a different area too, such as coffee or fresh fruits and vegetables.

I'm definitely not suggesting you scatter your pantry about the kitchen! It's best to try to keep everything in one place. But, if you don't have much to work with, then you might need a couple of locations.

The goal is to arrange your pantry so you don't have to move things around too much to see what you have. That's a sure way for it to get messed up when in a hurry. Ideally, you should be able to see everything!

Helping Hands Pantry is just the right organization in just the right place at just the right time to make a significant difference, and we need your help to succeed. We are the only food pantry in the area that is open five days a week and that does not turn anyone away. We already serve 7,000 of these people a week, both at our distribution center and via our mobile food bank, to make sure that they do not go to bed hungry, and that number is growing. With your help we can make sure that no child, no man, no woman in our area has to go to bed hungry. We can do it.

Today, cloud-based software has critical advantages, but managing these SaaS programs can be a logistical nightmare for the procurement department without a regulated process. With the wider adoption of a distributed workforce, it has become easy for nearly any employee to buy and deploy SaaS apps. Like the dish soap and spare paper towels, these items will get lost in the back of the procurement pantry without being recorded.

Some pet pantries require proof of residence and/or income to receive donations; however, staff say, many have become more lenient about those requirements since the start of the pandemic. Check with your local pantry for eligibility and receiving options.

Kitty Bungalow, for example, is a Los Angeles feral cat rescue that held a one-day cat food bank for South LA and Downtown LA low-income residents who care for community cat colonies in 2020. To get supplies, the organization applied for a community food bank grant from Alley Cat Allies, which allowed them to buy food for the pantry. They also reached out to cat food brands for donations, says Melanie Wagner, Ph.D., CPDT-KA, executive director of Kitty Bungalow. In total, they were able to distribute about 460 bags of cat food to Los Angeles residents, helping to sustain hundreds of community cats.

While I am quite a fan of stock, let's face it--sometimes we just don't have the time to make broth / stock, and buying that boxed quality stock is well--pricey! I do have some in my pantry, but it's hard to lean on that all time.

In my mother's pantry, there were those terrible little fake orange colored vegetable broth powder cubes with a plethora of ingredients (including MSG and hydrolyzed lot of stuff) that would make any self-respecting person-in-search-of-a-healthier-lifestyle's hair stand on end.

Another specialty type of flour that you may come across when baking is self-rising flour. Once again, self-rising flour is not the same thing as all-purpose flour nor is it the same thing as cake flour, bread flour, or pastry flour. Self-rising flour is almost exactly like all-purpose flour, but it has added salt and leavening mixed into it. Thus, recipes that call for this type of flour typically won't require additional salt or leavening. Because of this, you should never substitute self-rising flour in place of all-purpose flour as the amount of leaveners (think: baking powder and baking soda), plus the amount of salt, will drastically alter your baked goods...and not for the better. Self-rising flour is a very big deal in Southern cooking, especially in biscuits. And if you don't currently have it in your pantry, it's also pretty simple to substitute with ingredients you do already have: all-purpose flour, salt, and baking powder. For every cup of self-rising flour that your recipe calls for, measure out one cup of all-purpose flour and add 1/4 teaspoon salt and 1 1/4 teaspoons baking powder. In grams: 100 grams of self-rising flour can be subbed with 100 grams of all-purpose flour, plus 5.5 grams baking powder and 1.13 grams salt.

A working pantry is where you will keep the things that you use weekly or daily. The items in your working pantry will be cycled through, and they might not be in large quantities or have as long of a shelf life.

A basic essential bulk storage pantry should focus on all the things that you will not be able to grow or produce yourself. This can include grains, sweeteners, leavening agents, and plant-based proteins. All these basic ingredients are extremely versatile and can be used to create any meal.

When deciding what containers to use for your bulk food supplies, you must know if these items are going to be in your working pantry or long-term storage. A working pantry will have different sizes and ways to store items compared to long-term storage.

Depending on your needs a working pantry can have food stored in different-sized food grade buckets, glass jars, or the original containers. Long-term bulk storage will almost always be stored in large food-grade 5-gallon buckets.

Food grade buckets that are used for long-term storage should not be used alone; your grains should be placed in a mylar bag then stored in the 5-gallon bucket. In the pantry, because you are in and out of your bucket all the time a bag is not necessary, but you may want to consider a gamma lid or a Smart Seal Lid (I LOVE these Smart Seal Lids from True Leaf Market).

Oxygen is an important factor when it comes to the freshness of long-term bulk food that has been stored. It is not as important for things in your working pantry that will be opened more frequently.

There are a few options when you are looking to buy your bulk food storage items. There are food co-ops like Azure Standard. Azure Standard is a very well-known food co-op where you can buy in bulk, they can ship items to you for a fee or you can find a drop-off site near you. I LOVE using Azure Standard for my bulk grains, beans, and other pantry staples.

Egyptian Eid Cookies or Kahk pronounced Ka-hk is a special dessert that is associated with happy occasions in the Egyptian traditions. These mouth watering cookies appear on the Egyptian Muslims' table yearly in Eid-el fitr that comes after Ramadan and bi-yealry on the Egyptian Christians' table in Christmas and Easter day. Also when a girl is married, her family packs the newly-wed pantry with this kind of cookies. It is said that these cookies have ancient origin as there are drawings in some of the Pharaonic temples illustrating the making of kahk. Images of the sun goddess were carved on the cookies , and we still do carve the top of these cookies. The word " kahk" means cookies or biscuit in Arabic language. This ritual extended to other Middle eastern countries but often made with semolina like " Ma'amoul" and stuffed with dates. Kahk is usually filled with Agameya (special honey filling) , walnuts, pistachios,lokoums, or simply left plain and covered with powdered sugar.

With the first month of 2016 officially behind us, and perhaps some healthy eating resolutions that have fallen by the wayside, now is the perfect time to reboot your diet, and start living your most delicious life with my simple whole foods pantry makeover tips, no diet deprivation required!

1. Assess! Start your pantry makeover by taking EVERYTHING out of your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry. Toss out spoiled foods, foods past their expiration date, and freezer burned foods. Then set all other foods aside for review. 350c69d7ab