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Whoa! A Newton Cellphone VERIFIED


Whoa! A Newton Cellphone VERIFIED

Robert Hoagland was reported missing in Newtown, Conn. on July 29, 2013, after he failed to pick up a family member from the airport and did not show up to work, per NBC News. His cars, wallet, cellphone and medication were all found left at his house, and police reported that he was last spotted at a gas station in the town.

The 11th annualTravel Editors RoundtableIt was only a year ago that the dominant topics of conversation in the travel industry were related to the relaxation of travel restrictions to Cuba and the spread of the Zika virus. Although neither has entirely slipped off the radar, when top consumer travel editors gathered in New York last month for Travel Weekly's 11th annual roundtable, other travel opportunities, matters of concern and aspects of the travel experience itself had become top of mind: the intersection of politics and travel; the impact of technology on service; travel agent resiliency; airplane food; the importance of psychographics vs. demographics; tipping anxiety; amenity kits; international gastro-nerds; jet-lag strategies; the possibility of cellphone conversations on airplanes; and new travel trends.There was a bit of self-examination, too, as the editors exchanged thoughts about how, and whether, to use their platforms as pulpits for political commentary.Those participating included Afar editor in chief Julia Cosgrove, New York Times travel section editor Monica Drake, Conde Nast Traveler editor in chief Pilar Guzman, Travel + Leisure editor in chief Nathan Lump, Saveur editor Adam Sachs and National Geographic Traveler editor in chief George Stone. Travel Weekly editor in chief Arnie Weissmann moderated, and the group was hosted at the Gabriel Kreuther restaurant in midtown Manhattan.The original transcript of the discussion has been edited for length, and the chronology has been altered to keep dialogue about specific topics together, though the topic might have recurred in intervals during the course of the conversation.AdvertisementrenderAd('div-gpt-ad-Top');renderAd('div-gpt-ad-mobile-Mobile-Top');Arnie Weissmann, editor in chief, Travel Weekly: Although controversy about the travel ban primarily centers on the inability of citizens from certain countries to enter the U.S., there is some concern over the broader ramifications, particularly as regards the restrictions' impact on inbound travel and America's image abroad. Are you writing about it What are you sayingPilar Guzman, editor in chief, Conde Nast Traveler: I'll start. I got a lot of heat for an editor's letter that I wrote about this topic. It was just postelection, and I was in Japan, and I had allowed myself to go on a bit of a social detox program. Then I saw a cartoon of a sputtering, quadruple-chinned [President Donald] Trump in the window of a cartoon artist's shop and it brought me back to reality again. I wrote about that and then about hearing in dribs and drabs about the cabinet nominations. Well, a huge number of my readers were outraged. It went to the tippy top of our organization, and I got my wrists slapped.Adam Sachs, editor, Saveur: Did you meet the man himself [When he was president-elect, Trump met Conde Nast editors.]

Stone: I think the hotel lobbies without desks, where people magically appear with iPads, are weird. You walk in, and it's bewildering. Someone maybe comes up to you or maybe they don't. If they take your bag, you're not sure if they work there or if they're stealing it. They're kind of wearing a generic uniform, and it's a little too minimalist.Guzman: The Nehru collar is usually a giveaway.Stone: Am I old-fashioned to want a check-in desk at a hotelGuzman: Yes, you are. And I have wheels on my luggage. I don't need you to walk me upstairs and show me where the TV is. And why is the TV always on It drives me nuts.Sachs: It's so you can see that they put up your name.Guzman: But they misspelled it.Sachs: I'm very happy not to go to the check-in d

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